Ntrope Design delivers interesting and affordable solutions to interior and exterior renovation by embracing the inherant structural and visual properties in traditional materials.

Ntrope Design began out of an interest of reuse. Several Years ago I was seated with an interesting challenge after relocating my business to New Orleans. Looking for an interesting start, i stumbled upon a warehouse full of yellow pine. Not normally a unique material, this wood had attained special qualities after sitting submerged in a warehouse during Hurricane Katrina and forgotten for years. The moisture and time degraded the wood and allowed spalting(mold growth) and bright colors to spread throughout the pine, yet at the same time robbing it of most of its structural properties. I brought the 8000 board feet of pine to my new shop and began cutting into it to see what I could make, whereupon i discovered the unnatural colors that had formed over time. I have a fascination with natural generative finishes such as that found in this aged pine, the millscale and rust forming on steel, or the patterns in poured concrete.